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Check out Vutcher's lineup of plant based products

Amped up by plant power

Higher protein than animal meats

Free from soy, GMO, artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

Kind to the planet and it's cuddlies


Vutcher Premium Pork.  plant-based pork made in Australia.

Succulent pork, chargrilled and mouth-watering ready to fire up


Vutcher Premium Bacon. Plant-based bacon handmade in Byron Bay

Crispy rashers loaded with protein and bathed in a haze of liquid smoke


Vutcher - Grana Plantano. Artisan cashew parmesan, handmade in Byron Bay to have more variety living a plant-based lifestyle.

You won't taste the difference with Vutcher's Grana Plantano (get it!)

It's NOT a cult

Just an amped-up plant based recipe frisbeed to your inbox every month. Nothing to see here. Definitely not a cult, that's for sure.

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